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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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a magnitude 7.7 earthquake that struck off canada's pacific coast last night doesn't appear to have caused any major damage and tsunami warnings have been downgraded this morning. the powerful undersea earthquake that struck the queens charles islands area was followed by a magnitude 5.8 aftershock.
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it was felt in alaska's southeast communities, but most of the energy was sent to the southwest toward the hawaiian islands. so far there are no reports of major damage on land. the first waves are just now hitting the hawaiian islands, but they are smaller than first predicted. the largest wave was measured on maui at five feet. about two feet higher than normal levels. last night's warning triggered coastal evacuations in hawaii but it's been lowered to an advisory. people in honolulu have been told they can return home. harbors remain closed. people are asked to stay away from the water for the next several hours. >> we're telling people, yes, you can return home, and we are doing those things required of us for due diligence and to make sure there would be nothing that would make it unsafe for them to return home, and that's being done right now. >> california remains under a
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tsunami advisory, but waves in the pacific northwest have been measured in just inches. no damaging waves are expected here. we will check in with meteorologist lisa argen for the latest on the tsunami advisory in hawaii. hi, carolyn. >> the waves have come in under the three to six feet predicted. still the advisory for northern california but for hawaii we are looking at a 2.5-foot wave on the island of maui, and back home, closer to home, crescent city had 1.5 feet at 2:14 this morning and arena cove, 1 espn 3 feet at is 11:37 last night. the advisory continues for extreme northern california. closer to home we are look for calm conditions again. a little fog around half moon bay this morning. temperatures mainly in the tuesday to 60 as you head on out. once again this afternoon we
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will see numbers in the low 60s to the 80s. and a pleasant evening before the sun sets. we are looking at cooler weather eventually lead to go rain next week. i'll tell you how much and when to expect the change coming up later. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. the giants one win away from taking their second world series in the past three seasons. that could happen tonight in game four. last night it was greg plan who had the hit to but the lead up 2-0. they are the first world series team to pitch consecutive shutouts since the 1966 baltimore orioles did it to the dodgers. layer beil has all the highlights coming up in sports in about 20 minutes. tonight's game is being played in detroit where the giants could ask probably will wrap it all up. bay area giants fans can gagger
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to watch the game on giant tv screens right outside san francisco city hall. we are joined live right now. you said you saw somebody out there ready? >> yes, carolyn. far back there. the first two fans getting ready for where this jumbotron will be set up later this afternoon for all giants fans to come see the hopeful world championship. a four-game sweep. but let's take you to the video. we did go meet ronny gonzales. he's the first -- well, and his brother. the first and second giants fans out here to snag the first spots in front of city hall. as soon as they saw the giants shutout the tigers last night, they hopped on bart and made their way eve to the city from the east bay. they have been here since midnight. they are staying awake all night with the help of books, pizza, gatorade and, of course, excitement. actually ronny's brother was away getting something warm to
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eat when they did this interview, but ronny tells us standing here all night and all day is a ritual they started two years ago. they hope it works this time around. >> for 2010 it was good luck and we ended up winning. we are diehard fans, we've been so since little kids so we've come to do it again. >> well, they are likely not the only fans coming to coming to dt again. we have this video when the last world series appearance was publicly broadcast in civic plaza. thousands celebrate the the giants world championship. both times the city of san francisco has had to receive permission from major league baseball to show the game. this time around with tonight's potential clinching game, the city is doing even more to prepare for the anticipated revelry. here is what sfpd is toing. >> there's no greater fans of the giants than the san francisco police department but we have a job to do. we have a job to do and we are
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working with the merchants who have been fantastic. everybody is going to be on guard to make sure that we keep it safe, but keep it a lot of fun. >> mayor ed lee is encouraging giants fans to wear orange and black and display signs, display flags. actually there is a flag flying over city hall here to, of course, recognize the giants in the world series. mayor ed lee and detroit mayer dave bing are urging fans to respect one another and to keep rivalries on the field where they say they be long. again, game four a hopeful sweep tonight at 5:07. and the jumbotron will be set up a little bit later this morning. thousands of fans are expected here. we are leave at civic center plaza, kera clapper, abc7 news. thank you. the giants' victory a big win for south bay businesses hit hard by the national hockey league's lockout. nick smith talks with business
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owners who are grateful for the giants world series appearance. don't let this five-year-old fool you, she's more than a princess, she's also a giants fan. they were at the shark tank to see the disney on ice because the tank was empty. the sharks some have loft the rest of their november schedule bus of the nhl lockout. for sports bars near the shark tank, no hockey means a hit to the bottom line. >> on a game day one says he sees an extra 500 to 1,000 people come through his door. dollars lost by a shortened or cancelled season. >> it's over $10,000 that we stand to lose or win when win when there's a sharks game. >> but there's a bright side and
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they are wearing orange. a house that usually houses shark fans wearing deal was a sea of orange and black. the giants went to the motor city and took game three from the tigers and these fans cheered through every inning. >> going through hockey all through november, there's challenges for sure but we are fortunate to have bay area baseball right now. [. [cheers and applause] >> the giants one win away from coming the 2012 world series champions, it means every seat in this bar is taken. but when the series ends, it's back to the drawing board. >> it means regrouping with some financial decision that is need to be smarter. >> in san jose, nick smith, abc7 news. >> here's a look at the games ahead. game four today at 5:07. if a game five is necessary, that would be tomorrow in detroit. if a game six is needed, it
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would happen back in san francisco on wednesday, which as you know, also happens to be halloween. giants fans are still uploading memorable pictures showing their team spirit to our ureport page at the same time a look. lisa sent in a photo of her two boys and the pumpkin carving project. looks like they are celebrating angry birds and the giants for halloween. and kayla shared this very creative, very distinctive carving of giants pitcher, tim lincecum. you can send us your fan photos at ureport at kgo or share them with us on our facebook page., or on twitter @abc7newsbayarea. bow to facebook and like us and then click there. you see the giants logo at the top of the page.
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that will take you here, where you can choose to share any of nine badges to show your support on your facebook wall. coming up, the election now just nine days away. fine out what president obama and mitt romney are doing as they start their final push. also, the latest on the nanny accused of killing two children in new york. where she sought help right before the murder. >> strong winds, flooding rains and powerful storm surge. sandy is really starting
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>> more details this morning about that nanny accused of killing two children in new york city. she has no criminal history but did recently seek psychiatric help. the children's mother found the two children stabbed in the bathtub on thursday. they died on the way to the hospital. the nanny had also stabbed herself several times. she is still alive, but investigators can't question her yet because of wounds to her neck. >> a super storm is poised to strike the mid-atlantic with strong winds, pounding rain and even snow. right now sandy is a tropical storm, bearing down on the carolinas with predictions of gale force winds and massive flooding and power outages over the mid-atlantic coast starting later today. mandatory evacuations have been ordered in some areas as millions of people prepare.
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abc news propertier brandy hit is in north carolina. >> gusting winds, turning sur ever and crashing waves. all signs of sandy's pending arrival. >> i never get that nervous, but not feeling too good about this one. >> eight states from north carolina to new england have declared a state of emergency as the monster makes its way up the eastern seaboard. with the sprint to dump up to ten inches of rain in some areas and knock down trees and power lines. >> we should not unestimate the impact of this storm. >> sandy is expected to run right into a cold front and that will super charge it. >> this could set historical precedence if it develops along the lines that the american models are indicating. >> that kind of power could launch four to ten foot storm surges in vulnerable areas of washington d.c., new jersey and new york. >> if it would strengthen unexpectedly or change its path it could do a lot of damage and
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you could be at risk. >> that's why families all along the east coast are boarding up, stocking up on food and water, generators and batteries and other supplies. >> prepare for the worst and hope for the best. >> bracing when sandy strikes. >> travel is expected to come to a screeching halt once sandy makes landfall. the new york city subway system will be shut down and some amtrak trains have already been cancelled. abc news, north carolina. >> i thought season was a tropical storm but it's a hurricane. >> yes, 75 miles an hour. it's a minimal hurricane. right now we are looking at some fog developing around the bay. here's a look at the golden gate bridge. you see visibility has been reduced. so fog is around the coast. it's also kind of snuck into the delta. will it impact your high temperatures today? i'll let you know and talk about the rain we've been predicting
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for halloween. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, a giants pitcher shut down the tigers' offense again. now one run away from another championship parade. larry beil
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>> we've had some glorious weather here in the bay area. >> yeah. it's been really nice and it's going to continue with just some minor changes today. from our roof camera right now,
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very little win. just a west wind at about 7 miles an hour at the airport and some fog to speak of around san francisco. just a little bit. we are talking about the delta lack agent reduced visibility. it's 25 degrees in truckie this morning. definitely feeling like winder out there. with all the warm air, the snow we had from last week melting quickly in the sierra nevada. let's get you caught up on hurricane sandy right now. it continues to be about 395 miles south of new york city and it parallels the southeast coast. this storm will be converging with the cold front, exploding over much of the mid-atlantic and the northeast in the next 24 hours. it's going to merge with that cold front there. so as it takes that left-hand turn, it just blossoms and we are looking at a huge storm surge, prolonged rains, hurricane force winds from new york city and even up through main and then southward throughout washington d.c. and
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then behind it, of course, the colder air, the snow from west virginia, ohio, western new york. so it will be a very big storm. we will be watching it closely in the next 24 to 48 hours as it impacts millions of people. live doppler 7 hd very quiet out there. some low clouds around the coast and they will be definitely increasing throughout the afternoon and evening hours. it's mild, though, to start out. 56 in mountain view, 57 in oakland. starting out with a little bit more warmth this morning. look at that 62 around antioch. here's the visibility that has been reduced from the delta. mile and a quarter there. novato down to a quarter mile, as well as half moon bay and santa rosa three-mile visibility. we are looking at a little bit of the fog around 600, 700 feet. with that some of that moisture in there allowing for the warmer start to the day. look at san jose. you were 49 yesterday. ten degrees warmer. a little bit of that fog this morning and then sunny and mild
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today with rain returning for halloween. didn't look like a huge storm, backing off on some of those rainfall totals. high pressure, that's the large area which is protecting much of california and allowing for the jet stream to keep the storm systems to the north. and with the high we get that fair weather, those down sloping winds. today the warmest day out of the next seven so we will have sunny and mild conditions. even though we are going to cool off day-to-day, it will still be pleasant out there with temperatures coming down about two to four degrees each day, beginning tomorrow right on through tuesday and then the rain on wednesday. 11 sacramento with 83 in fresno. numbers at our coast starting out quite mild a lot of sunshine and then the sea breeze is going to kick in. early afternoon temperatures in the 60s. sunshine it start in san francisco but then becoming partly cloudy with that sea breeze throughout the afternoon. so 82 in gilroy. it will stay warm there with lower 80s hollister and really cold in detroit, relatively
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speaking. cloudy skies, mid-40s with the wind out of the north 10 to 20 miles an hour. today the warmest day, five degrees cooler tomorrow with a mix of sun and clouds and on shore flow resumes as soon as this afternoon and that will keep the temperatures coming down until that trough moves through on wednesday and that brings the rain. but then back to sunny and mild the rest of next week. all right. sounds good. thank you, lisa. at 7:00 "good morning america"" and bianna is joining us live from new york to tell us what is on tap. i know you are covering the storm. you have everybody out there wes
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on the show this morning. >> all right. important weather, extreme weather so we will be keeping an eye on it along with you and we will look for you this morning at 7:00. thank you. >> have a good day. bye-bye. >> we are going to check out sports now. this afternoon the raiders are in kansas city to play the rival chiefs. tonight in detroit the giants have an opportunity to sweep the tigers and win the world series for the second time in three years.
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last night the giants' pitchers shut down the tigers to go up 3-0 in the series. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. the giants have taken a stranglehold on the tigers in the world series. the giants blanking the tigers again last night. that was game three. becoming the first team since the 1966 baltimore orioles to throw back-to-back shutout necessary the world series. the giants loose and relaxed in detroit. hunter pence leading the way. getting pumped up for game three. giants haven't trailed for a single inning in the whole series. second inning, off the wall pence scores from third, giants take the 1-0 lead. later in the second. crawford, line drive center field, austin jackson misplays it a little. blanco scores on the play as the ball scoots away. giants up 2-zip. giants starter ryan vogelsong worked himself in and out of jams in the third. gets quintin berry on the double-play ball with runners at first and second.
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and then in the fifth, bases loaded. mr. triple crown, miguel cabrera, dangerous at the plate. vogelsong gets him to pop up. giants escape yet again. vogelsong goes 5 2/3, struck out three. timmy time. tomorrow lincecum once again comes out of the bullpen and he throws smoke for presence fielder and then gets andy dirks. you will get nothing like it. bottom of the ninth. sergio romo in relief. omar infante, swing and a miss. swing and a miss. giants with back-to-back wins and another one win away from another world series title. >> we are trying to take it one game as a time just like all season. coming back from where he are down 0-2 in cincinnati, our mind-set took it one game at a time, and that's how we will keep going. >> any one of those guys can hurt you with one swing.
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the mind set is stay concentrated and focused on every pitch. every pitch needs to be a quality pitch and every pitch has a purpose. >> matt cain was max scherzer in game four tonight. stanford was ripe for the upset classic situation following the big game over cal. lowly washington state coming in. almost had the shocker. they almost pulled it off. big man levine, in concentration before the game. second quarter stanford down 7, nunez and rashad, patterson cruising on down the sideline. 70 yards, 10-7, stanford. this one the quarterback picked off. 24 yards. cardinals up 24-10, but they couldn't put wazu away. down 7, 2-0, ten saxby stanford. henley anderson wraps him up. stanford wins 24-17. they are 6-2 on the season. cal and utah, things are getting downright ugly for the golden bears. up 3-0. kicking off, and reggie dunn fields the ball in his own end zone.
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runs into a wall at 20 but phone wraps him up and he is gone! 100-yard touchdown return and that pretty much described the way the rest of the night went for cal as they lose 49-27 and fall to 3-6. san jose state hosting texas state. wac game four party. down the sidelines, david fremont, gone! throws 376 and two touchdowns. san jose state, their sixth win. they are bowl eligible now. 31-20 victory. that is a wrap on morning sports. rick kwan will be here with chiefs-raiders highlights at five, six and eleven. enjoy the rest of your weekend. i'm larry beil. >> coming up, what could be the future of crime fighting. the unmanned drones that could one day patrol the east bay. and it's the weekend before hat between, but this horror
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movie makeup is not for
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc seven news. >> just nine days away from election day. today presidential nominee mitt romney is in ohio, joining up with his running mate paul ryan's bus tour. yesterday romney campaigned in florida telling supporters the president has retreated from promises he made during his first campaign. romney says he won't do that. he also said his tenure as president will include more cooperation across the isle. romney told the crowd now is not the time to demonize political opponents. he says he wants to build
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bridges with democrats. president obama and vice president joe biden are off the campaign trail today. yesterday the president rallied the crowd of 8500 people in new hampshire. he hit mitt romney on his record as massachusetts's governor. president obama saying that romney targeted the middle class with unnecessary fees and taxes. the president also said it will be hard for romney to accomplish all of the last-minute promises he is making right now. both the president and romney have cancelled campaign stops because of hurricane sandy. the romney campaign says a scheduled stop in the swing state of virginia will not happen today because of the growing threat from sandy. first lady michelle obama has cancelled an appearance in new hampshire on tuesday, and president obama will spend this evening at the white house to again monitoring storm conditions from washington. coming up at 8:00 with just over a week or so to go before election day, president obama's
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deputy campaign manager appears on "this week." stephanie cutter goes head-to-head with newt gingrich to discuss the latest numbers from the washington post tracking policy. don't miss "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> phone banks are up and calling people in both parties for the policy. abc7 news reporter thomas ramon has the story from oakland. >> she is a volunteer going door to door in this direct to make sure the voters know the issues and get out to vote. she's part of a few dozen men and women who volunteer to walk precincts for "oakland rising." a community action organization. she said this is important enough to do whatever she can do to help.
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>> i feed to be outreach, and if they see my face, they see my face and then i can get them out and tell them it's important, we need you. >> this election has local, as well as national issues that everyone should be concerned about, according to this woman, the executive collector of -- executive director of oakland rising. >> we want to make sure people are clear about what is going to be on the ballot and make sure they feel motivated and clear about getting out to vote. >> i'm a local republican volunteer. >> while democrats are walking the districts in oakland, democrats are walking those in contra costa counties. in walnut creek, volunteers are on the phone making sure the republicans know the issues, candidates and get out to vote. the chair of the california republican party said republicans have been energized by the presidential debates. >> i don't know if it was just the debates or the fact it is the last month of election, but we have had a surge sense the first debate. >> becky, the chair of the contra costa republican party, says the phone banks are the tip
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of the get-out-to-vote effort to vote effort in the county. >> the last two weeks we've walked permanent absentee republican voters and now we are walking walk-in voters. so our emphasis is on getting out the vote. >> the department of elections wants to remind everyone that this coming tuesday, october 30th, is the last day to request vote by mail ballots. in oakland, abc7 news. 33 new fire department recruits in san jose begin training tomorrow. it's the largest number of recruits the city has ever trained at one time. the previous record was 30 set three years ago. an $8.6 million grant provided by the federal emergency management agency is going to pay for the new firefighters. the recruits about bring the department back to 683 firefighters, just shy of what the department had four years ago.
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police in the south bay think they have nabbed the so-called beanie bandit accused of robbing at least six banks. they released this photo of him taken from a surveillance camera taken during one of the rob business. -- robberies. investigators say over the past two months this man of campbell held up banks in campbell, san jose, loss got toes and sunnyvale. police say they have evidence linking him to all six robberies. >> hundreds of bay area emergency personnel are spending this weekend training for extreme emergency operations. training started yesterday morning in more than a dozen cities in haywood. crews practiced repelling down the side of a building at cal state university east bay. other exercises in the area include a mach airplane hijacking in oakland and chemical sabotage in castro valley. all the training helps officers gain individual tactical skills and it helps departments coordinate their resources. the exercises are going on
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across the nation as part of homeland security training >> a new law enforcement tool in alameda county is raising fierce -- fears of big brother. the tool is a drone. that drone that weighs less than four pounds has an hd camera and flies at 400 feet above ground. the drone will be used primarily to follow criminals on the run, but critics have their doubts, even if it's cheaper than a helicopter. >> cost of a helicopter, the cost 2 to $3 million with $400 to $600 an hour in flight costs. this system, $40,000. >> we absolutely need more information. drones are subject to tremendous potential abuse, given the wealth of information they can collect, we risk proceeding into a complete surveillance state. >> the aclu is concerned residents' privacy will be compromised. they have submitted a public records act request to the sheriff.
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>> coming up next, tree trouble in the bay area. one in front of your house may not be long to you but the responsibility for it just might. and we have a live look from our sutro cam. it is going to be in the 70s today all over the bay area, but lisa argen says get ready for a bit of rain on wednesday. she will be along with your full accuweather forecast in
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>> welcome back, everyone. it's 6:4 on this sunday morning, october 28th. hope all is well with you. this is a leave look from our roof cam showing you the ferry building. all is definitely all right with the giants. game four tonight to be the clincher in detroit. fans who want to gather in san francisco dan go over to city hall where they are setting up giant screens in front of city hall. the big hd screens, you can watch the game with other like-minded fans. outdoor viewing should be nice. lisa argen says temperatures in the 60s. she will be along in just a few. this morning people on treasure island are being asked to boil their tap water until tomorrow. it's a precaution after a
6:41 am
watermain break friday evening. crews had it plugged and returned toilet and hydrant water to the area yesterday morning but the pipe still needs to be repaired. little league teams are being asked not to drink from fountains at any of the baseball fields until the water is tested tomorrow to make sure it is safe for drinking. san francisco likes to tout itself as a green city, but there's a renewed push for transferring the obligation to maintain the city's trees to homeowners. some of just learning about the change in policy and they are not happy about it. >> san francisco has about 100,000 street trees, most of them about 65,000, are privately maintained by property owners. some, like lisa, have decided on their own to plant trees to soften and beautify the environment. but she's opposed to a new city push that will force her neighbors to take responsibility for something that has always
6:42 am
been outside their front door. >> i think it is an imposition for people who have inherited a tree. >> the job of tree maintenance belongs to the department of public works. but after years of budget cuts, it can't keep up with pruning trees in the public right-of-way, let alone those on the sidewalks. but the supervisor said the decision to transfer the responsibility of 24,000 trees to homeowners is not the answer. it makes no sense for us to require property owners to take care of street trees that they may not own, they may not want, they may not know how to take care of, they may not able to afford to take care of. >> wiener unsuccessfully fought for more funding in the last budget. he said a parcel tax could now be an option. but that might be a hard sell. kate smith has already spent
6:43 am
thousands planting trees in front of her home. >> the city does a great job of keeping the city streets beautiful, but it's part of their problem, not ours. i'm already paying taxes. >> this is the second time homeowners are being forced to pick up the bill. thousands of the trees privately maintained were forced on the homeowners back in the '90s, but at that time they could choose to take responsibility or have them cut down. now no one will be allowed to destroy the urban forest. homeowners do not have an out. >> this is something we are reluctantly taking on. it's not what we want to do but we feel we need to unless we come up with a more sustainable funding source. >> the notices are already in the mail for about 1,000 homeowners so far. it is the time of the year to start trimming trees. those guys were out there getting ready for rain. >> right. we had a pretty significance system last week. the one coming for halloween isn't as strong and we are looking for a couple pleasant
6:44 am
days before we see a return to the rain a live look outside right now. you will notice it looks pretty nights from mount tam. clear conditions. there's some fog around. we will talk about how much and how farm it will get today and the seven-day outlook. that's next. >> thank you. also ahead, a new technology that will keep you off the treadmill. a new way for your
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>> halloween is this week and there is plenty to do. we have other comprehensive list of events happening all over the bay area at we've also whiled the events this are kid-friendly. and we would like to see your halloween photos. you can e-mail those to ureport at@kgo >> might have a few soggy photos. >> certainly. and rain loin will fizzle out but that's wednesday. as we head outside right now, the sun up at 7:32. nice and pretty out there. 10 hours 43 minutes of day light. while we are nice is quiet here, the weather above normal once again. today is the armest day out of
6:48 am
the next seven. taking you back to the east covelet where hurricane sandy is a minimal hurricane katrina goer 1 at 75 miles an hour, it continues to move parallel to the southeastern coast of the united states. we are looking at this at about almost 400 miles south of new york city. but you have heard the impacts from the delaware, maryland, washington, new york, all the way up through maine and as it merges with the second system, the colder system, the impacts being felt through west virginia, ohio, with the snow and in fact already some schools are closed with the anticipation of such a huge system with hurricane-force winds perhaps throughout 400-mile radius. that's anywhere from 74 miles. but we could see wind gusts from 60 to 80 miles an hour for a sustained amount of time with the huge amount of landscape and real estate that this is going to cover and the storm surge from four to ten feet anywhere
6:49 am
from d.c. up to new york city. so, of course, we will be watching that. back home our weather kind ever on hold today but then the changes come subtly throughout the afternoon today with the return to the fog and see breeze. but it's mild right now. 55 half moon bay, 62 antioch with 53 livermore. the fog has moved in from the coast, half moon bay. a quarter mile visibility. it's kind of snuck through the delta with a mile and a quarter there. novato and santa rosa reporting reduced visibility, just down to a quarter mile in novato. with that moisture and yesterday's heat from the warm day, we are warmer, ten degrees warmer in san jose. you are well into the 50s. the patchy coastal fog, sunny and mild again today. but the rain returning for halloween in the north bay and maybe the south bay. santa clara valley you won't see any at all. the storm track is well to the north. that's thanks to high pressure. even though the temperatures will cool five degrees tomorrow and into tuesday, we around going to see my any rain. the high pressure slowly pushes
6:50 am
to the east. the fog returns this afternoon for half moon bay, pacifica. this is 5:00 this afternoon. even san francisco you will again to feel the breeze but then tomorrow morning we are talking low clouds and fog along the coast. in fact, we will be looking at the temperatures responding to that stronger sea breeze. so look how the cold front stays well to the north monday and tuesday we are dry, but then it slides on south and we are looking at most of the rain this the north bay throughout the day on monday early morning and then it slides to the south. so temperatures today, enjoy them. the warmest day today, 73 in san francisco with mid-70s across the bay, upper 60s in san jose. and, of course, the cool 40s return tonight for detroit and the look ahead, upper 70s tomorrow, mid-70s our warmest inland valleys with a mix of clouds and sun on tuesday, and maybe three quarters an inch of rain in the north bay by mid-afternoon to the the evening
6:51 am
hours and then perhaps a quarter of an inch around the east bay and central bay. so not that much, but enough to dampen things up. >> as far as the giants are concerned, they can play in cold weather, warm weather? >> yeah, yeah. unstoppable. >> thank you, lisa. a new technology developed here in the bay area could save thousands of patients from having unnecessary tests for heart disease. it could also help doctors pinpoint those with the highest risk. abc7 news health and science reporter carolyn johnson has a look. normal breaths for now. >> richard was a few strokes from the green when a strange feeling interrupted his round of golf. he knew he was uncomfortable, but the symptoms were vague. >> i got a burning sensation across my chest. it was not a pain. >> now it could be gastrointestinal, it could be their lungs or it could be a heart blockage and my job is listening to them and ferret out more selective symptoms that may pinpoint whether they have heart disease. >> the cardiologist said the
6:52 am
goal is to avoid running everybody through tests which are effective but also carry side effects. >> a lot of radiation. ten years of radiation you get in that procedure. >> it includes prescreening patients with a cardio stress test, often involving a treadmill. now a bay area company believes it has an alternative that can help spot which patients are more likely suffering from heart disease more quickly. >> maybe an alcohol pad, bandaid, gauze. >> it was developed by palo alto based cardio dx. it involves a blood draw that can be done at a doctors office but what happens after that is extremely sophisticated science. >> once the blood is drawn from the patient, we bring it into our lab at palo alto and it's a three step process. >> the first step involved automated machines that extract
6:53 am
rna from the blood cells, which is then used to synthesize a complete dna sample. >> the final step we put it on this machine that measures the 23 genes in our algorithm. >> it's ultimately measuring gene expression. look for what genes are turned on when a patient's heart is diseased. and produce mack that blocks the arteries. it gives a strong indication whether a patient suffering from heart disease. >> with our test we can easily and quickly identify those patients where the chest pain is unlikely to be caused by a block in the coronary artery. >> he believes the blood test could reduce the false positives and unnecessary angiograms while giving patients who do need them a quicker diagnosis. >> if someone needs an invasive test or not or can i watch them more closely before commit to go doing a test. >> in his case it did eventually lead to an angiogram which led to a blockage. he had a stint placed in his
6:54 am
artery which allowed him to return to the golf course. >> it's a nine hole course but we really enjoy it. >> that was health and science reporter carolyn johnson. that test runs just under $1,200 and is now covered by medicare, but private insurance still varies. >> coming up, a warning for boaters after an endangered turtle is spotted in the bay area. we will
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> check out the winning numbers from last night's $13 million super lotto plus. 5, 14, 36, 38, 47, the meganumber 18. really pay close attention because a winning ticket with all six numbers was purchased in san francisco at the best
6:57 am
food-co grocery store. wednesday night's jackpot is estimated at $7 million. boaters are being warned to keep their eyes peeled for a rare sea turtle spotted in our waters. it was seen near the berkeley marina idea morning. a group of sea turtle, conservationists went out to see if they could spot it. they live it's an olive ridly or a green sea turtle. both are in danger. this is a rare sighting for the bay area because sea currents usually are not warm enough for the turtles to travel this far north. >> lisa is here now with a final check of our accuweather forecast >> it's a little foggy in spots but the paw reason layer is mice and shallow. it will be impacting the coast and san francisco later this afternoon with a stronger sea breeze, but early on we will warm quickly. 73 in the city. 78 san jose. and with cooling tomorrow and a return to an onshore flow, our
6:58 am
cooling trend takes us through tuesday. rain arrives for halloween. soggy throughout the early evening and for the trick or receiptors and then we dry out thursday. sorry. >> that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tilely along with lisa argen. we continue at 9:00 this morning. we want to remind you about our exclusive alarm clock anderson for the i-phone. download it for free and wake up to the latest headlines, weather and
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